The Eternal Way®


The Discovery

     The nature of the human organism and its relationship to the outside world requires that you receive and process information in a sound manner in order to acquire wealth, be successful, enjoy power, live happily and experience romantic love. Accurate integrations of your perceptions into higher level concepts, which become your beliefs, are necessary for you to apply reason, which is your method of survival.


     A belief is “any guiding principle that provides a sense of certainty about meaning and direction in life.” Your beliefs are your organized filters to your perception of the world. Your beliefs allow you to assign meanings to the events you experience. It is important that those beliefs be accurate. Only accurate beliefs will provide you with the necessary guidance to select the optimum survival choices. Inaccurate beliefs, myths, misguide you and are always harmful over the long-term. Mysticism, by its very nature, will ultimately cheat you out of your wealth, power, happiness and romantic love.

Your Philosophy of Life

     The sum total of your beliefs form your philosophy of life. This is your integrated view of existence. When your integrated view of existence is based on the acceptance of mysticism, the acceptance or promotion of myths, you end up experiencing problems where none actually exist. When your philosophy is based on accurate assessments of the reality in which you find yourself, you find yourself integrating it, acting on it and being it.

The Eternal Way®

     Follow The Eternal Way® and you will see how easy it is to acquire wealth, success, power, happiness and romantic love. The Eternal Way® is the “golden thread” that winds its way through all religions, philosophies, self-help books, success seminars and self-esteem groups.

Step One

     The first step of The Eternal Way® has to do with spiritual matters. You need to make a decision regarding religion. What is religion? Is it necessary for your survival, both before death and after death? Which religion is the best one for you? Make a decision and stick to it. Read The Urantia Book before you make your final decision.

     Learn as much as you can about the religion you choose. Don’t be bashful about leaving it for another one if you feel that the one you choose isn’t giving you enough answers. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the river is the river bed. Many times the trouble isn’t with your religion as much as it is with the people you have around you presenting their views of your religion to you.

     The following discussions are presented to help you understand the importance of religion and why your religion decision is an important part of The Eternal Way®. To make sure that you are doing it correctly, there are exams that you should complete and fax to us. Click here for The Eternal Way® exam.

Philosophy Of Religion