Eternal Life Center is comprehensive in its scope. Eternal Life Center is non-sectarian and non-denominational. We believe that we are all children of God and therefore all are welcome in our organization.

     We give you the freedom to seek God in your own way, through your own self-unfoldment rather than through the agency of a creed or dogma. We do not ask you to reject your present membership in any traditional church or religious denomination.

     We are here for those whose spirits yearn to understand the mysteries buried in the words of all sacred teachings…who may wish to cling to that which is good in their own philosophy of life…yet seek to free themselves from limiting, narrow dogma and spiritual stagnation.

     Eternal Life Center urges you to investigate reality for yourself and, through self-unfoldment, develop a personal relationship with God.

     Eternal Life Center teaches healing. From the most ancient of ages, a healing science was an important activity in every spiritual center. Today, this is largely ignored and misunderstood. Eternal Life Center revives and combines the ancient methods into a modern spiritual healing science.