1. Conduct a Religious Wellness Science movement to promote healing (financial, social, physical, emotional and spiritual) through proper attitudes, beliefs, environment and lifestyle management. We all have genetic residue from past traumas that is stifling us. The process of understanding our Soul Pattern through MemGram® Processing empowers us to find our life purpose.

2. Make this healing available to all by publishing literature, training teachers, holding classes and broadcasting by all available means.

3. Support organizations wishing to incorporate this Holistic Theology (Body-Mind-Spirit) into their teachings.


As a member of Eternal Life Center, you are always urged to seek your Truth, gently rejecting and releasing that which does not work for you. We do not ask you to reject your present membership in any traditional church or religious denomination.

Our approach to a better life is through a Religious Wellness Science. Our spiritual path is called The Eternal Way®.

You may prepare for a professional career teaching this religious wellness science to those who care by enrolling in North American University, or you can improve your life by enrolling in The Eternal Way® classes offered by Eternal Life Center.

Your Body Is A Temple

We believe that the human body has the innate natural power to heal itself especially when assisted and supported by proper care. This must include better health and happiness of the body, mind and spirit through natural, nutritious foods, proper eating habits, exercise and rest. This requires proper education regarding the use of natural foods and the application of appropriate attitudes and beliefs concerning the financial, social, physical, mental and spiritual areas of life.

As children of God, we believe it is our duty to effectively teach and communicate the inherent basic principles of good health for the general well-being of the human body, mind and soul.